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Filthy Rags

Isaiah 64:6

our mission

To educate, inspire, and infuse performing arts into the minds, hearts, and bodies of young artists; and provide an avenue to the utmost in an entertainment, cultural, and spiritual experience.



The first copy of the Filthy Rags Magazine entitled, These Are They, profiles local African Americans of North Webster Parish who have excelled in the midst of relentless adversity. This publication is in commemoration of Black History Month, however there will be many magazine publications to follow, one every other month - or so ... Please stay tuned.

Currently, the Filthy Rags Magazine is our sole means of supporting our mission. The purchase of this magazine is just one more brick added in building a brighter future for our youth!

My prayer is that you will find the content herein to be both informative and inspiring. In the words of Rev. A. Jamell Simon, "These are they who came through the flames, and stayed on fire."

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a word from filthy rags founder and CEO,
Linda f. McDaniel 

Filthy Rags was founded in 2015 as a Divine Assignment. It was conceived by the Holy Spirit and simply needing to be birthed. 

I am persuaded that performing arts is the key to raising the academic scores in North Webster Parish schools. Performing arts is proven to be a "brain stimulant" in children. Unfortunately, every child can not afford the high cost involved in these classes. That is why Filthy Rags is here to fill in the "equity gap." A child should not be denired access to performing arts simply because of the lack of funds. 


We are currently looking for a permanent location, but in the meantime, we will soon begin hosting quarterly workshops (in designated locations) as a means of infusing performing arts. We will offer classes in acting/theatre and voice; along with the required subjects of etiquette and public speaking. 

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